Saturday, June 30, 2012

Touch down Perth!

We are here.. we are here.. did you hear me.. we are HERE! Alas after very long flights and a few fun layovers, time changes resulting in us losing an entire day.. we have arrived!

Jet lag has been brutal.. with the time difference being 12 hrs.. we are completely flip flopped. The first night here we all woke up at 130am starving. (which would be 130pm normally for us) so we all ate spaghetti and meatballs (that someone saved for us) at 130am!

This has truly been an adventure for us and as many of you know because you have talked with us.. we had no idea what to expect as far as accommodations...
 and as many of you could imagine just the change from living in your own house being completely self sufficient to living in 2 connecting rooms with a "kitchenette" that is shared with about 4 other rooms, coin laundry that is open only a few hours a day with a sign up sheet and community bathrooms outside of your building has been very humbling.
 (for instance. Jojo completely wet through his pjs and all his blankets in the middle of the night day 1 and it took us 2 days to find out about laundry and get it washed and taken care of.)  We have met several other families and that has been helpful to us to see families that have transitioned and are doing well! Its called Faith and Flexibility!!

We have been walking around Perth locating stores and took a train ride to Ikea to purchase a few things that we couldn't pack (such as bedding, toiletries) and today we took the kids for an early morning walk to the McDonald's to play in the playplace.

The weather here has been about 40's F in the morning warming up to upper 60's F by mid day. We have been told that this is unseasonably warm.  It has rained a couple of times in the first few days and today we are just thankful to have a sunny day to hopefully dry our clothing and Jojo's blankets!! Without central heat the chilly mornings have been pretty cold for us.. but we just bundle up and have a cuppa tea and we are pretty good :)

The kids are doing great.. excited about the new surroundings, eager to meet some new friends. We have met several of my classmates and staff and everyone is super nice! Our housing is still pretty empty but people have started to move in today.

I had a look at my school schedule and its going to be a very busy couple of months.. praying for a smooth transition and for my "mommy brain" to transition to school mode!! thanks for all the prayers so far. Even though things at times have been tough we definitely can tell people are praying for us and we are grateful!

Here are a few pics from our time so far:
We were given 2 rooms and decided to put all the beds in one room and make this one a living room area

other end of the living room area

family bedroom :)

community Kitchenette

outside common area (doors to the bathroom are to the left)

hallway to other rooms (our door is to the right. outside the kitchenette area)

Abbie making a face at McDonalds (she's not licking the glass)

We went for the playplace and the free wifi (which was almost too slow to do anything :( )

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  1. Happy to see that you arrived safe :-) Seems like everybody is doing good so far which is very comforting for us :-) I like your new place, growing up during the Cold War, the place seems to be not bad at all. Sometimes a little inconvenience makes us to think and grow to deal better with challenges that life can bring upon us everyday. Everybody who lived/traveled in Europe may have experienced very similar conditions,we are very spoiled in the USA :-) Glad to see kids are doing well. We'll keep you in our thought and prayers. Love and Xoxo - aunt Darina