Friday, April 27, 2012

Sales Sales Sales!!

We have been having lots of sales to sell our stuff!! one a few weekends ago.. one last weekend and one this weekend!! We are beat! Our house is getting emptier and emptier!! Have I said that we are excited yet?? Its all becoming so real!!

B has 6 days of work left!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Gearing Up (mostly mentally)

So, I've decided I've got to begin posting on this blog now if it's going to turn into anything during our travels. Heather has a widget countdown on her desktop until our Aussie departure and I think it's around 68 days or something. It's coming up fast. Are we prepared? Well, we're on track for preparation which is pretty good to start with. We have sold some of our furniture and a lot of the kids' stuff. We have another Mom's to Mom's sale this weekend and then a garage sale planned the weekend after that. Hopefully those will give our house another possessions enema so to speak.
Yesterday morning I woke up before the kids and had a minute or 2 so grabbed my Western Australia/Perth Lonely Planet Guide which has gone untouched for a while. I have to say that reading it really got me psyched. Australia itself isn't what excites me as much as that it represents the next chapter for our family in this beautiful novel the Lord is writing with our lives. Btw, if Western Aus were a country it would be the 10th largest in the world! It's beyond huge. -B

Josiah in West African Garb