Friday, June 29, 2012

Me Good Mate Noel

So on our way to Perth we had a 6 hour layover in New Zealand, a place I haven't been to since 1995. Whew! Feelin old. New Zealand was my first backpacking adventure; right out of high school, looking for adventure, young and scared. Within 3 weeks of my trip I got hit by a car hitchhiking on the motorway and my foot blew up to 3 times the size. After the hospital and the US embassy contacts I was introduced to Noel Carter. Noel was an adventurer who worked on oil rigs and was building a 42ft. sailing catch. That summer I helped him finish and launch Red Zone and afterward learned how to sail and scuba dive. So when he heard we were going to be in Auckland for a few hours, Noel and his lovely wife Bronwyn didn't hesitate to get up at 5am and drive 2 hours to the airport to spend the time with us and take us around a bit. It was great and a much appreciated break from the extensive plane trip.
City of Auckland

On top of One Tree Hill

Abbie freezing. It was pretty cold.

After getting caught in the rain chasing sheep in a paddock.
The sheep.

At a nearby butterfly place.

Josiah pretending to be a pirate.

Noel remembering being a pirate.


Good friends. Thanks guys!

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