Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo of the Week

probably one of the funniest candies Ive seen.. I was taking a picture of these for this purpose and was met by an odd look (from our flat mate from England) of "why are you taking a picture of Jelly babies?" to which I replied that I thought they were really funny.. she was astonished that we had never seen or heard of them as she grew up with them.. I dont know.. something about a baby made of gummy material cracks me up!

one of our first exposures to these was after a local church service the kids each received a Jelly Baby on their way out.. when I came to get Josiah from his class he was sobbing.. I asked what was wrong and was met with tearful sobs of "I ATE A JELLY BABY!!" .. I actually had no idea what he was talking about at the time! haha

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh the places we will go....

So we found out this week where we will be headed for our outreach!! We are super excited!!

We tentatively leave Sept 22nd and head first to:
We will spend 9 weeks in one city and then head south about 12hrs to another city for 3 weeks..

next we are on to:
We are pretty excited about this one! God had been placing Tanzania on our hearts and we are really excited that we will be able to go!! We will spend 3 months on the coast.

then we will finish off with 3 months in:

We are really excited for this next phase and I am starting to get excited about applying all that I am learning!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pic of the week

If I can steal and idea from my sister -in-laws blog... I would like to do a photo of the week..  (hope you will forgive me Julie for ..ehhm.. stealing your idea.. (maybe borrow is a more apt term) after all its all in the family right??  <3

Photo of the week:

These cartons of milk were donated to our base.. Mmmmmm hairy men on milk cartons.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birth, fevers and a little hanging out...

Its been an interesting week and a half.. nothing too exciting going on besides the plague that is sweeping through our community of 400+.. ok so maybe plague is a strong word to describe the flu bug that is at play in the fields of the Lord... ok sorry another bad pun.. (At Play in the Fields of the Lord is a movie where the flu sweeps through a unreached tribe in the Amazon )
anyhow..there has been lots of coughing and sneezing and fevers and people walking around looking half alive.. but even though it is one of the downfalls of living and eating in a community.. it is also a blessing to have people around to help when you need it and what a caring community we live in!!

We are all on the mend and thankfully although 3 of us got it Bruce remained healthy and could carry us all through the worst of it.. and truly we were blessed that we only got coughs and fevers and felt yucky for a few days.. The kitchen has been cooking up this spicy coconut curry soup that has been burning away the germs (I am convinced!) Ok enough with the sick talk!! :)

So I bet you wonder what we do all day??
Here is a schedule that we follow..
830a-930a ----- intercession (prayer) groups or worship
945-1000a ----- tea time!
1000a- 1230p-----  Heather class
1230p-130p ----- lunch
130p-330p ------Bruce work duties/Heather with Ab & Jo
345p- 5pm ----- 3x a week Heather classroom activities
530p - 630pm -- Dinner

Monday 630p-830p-- Heather class
Tuesday 630pm-830pm-- Heather small group
Wednesday --- free/study night
Thursday --430p-7pm  Evangelism in Perth
Friday ---- 700p-1000pm Friday night meeting (base church service)
Saturday--- sometimes free, sometimes school obligations, sometimes work duties
Sunday--- hour of intercession (prayer) and free day

Abigail has preschool mon-tues-weds 9am-12pm
and when I'm in class Bruce and the kids are exploring Perth, playing at parks, library story time, shopping for Bickies (biscuits or cookies) and breakfast supplies..

We have a very full schedule!! its so busy and we are doing well with it.. It was a rough couple of weeks getting into it but we have been able to get into the swing of things.

This last week we had an amazing German midwife teaching us who has been practicing in East Africa for the past 20 years. She now currently helps run a YWAM medical clinic on the coast of Tanzania.  She lives there with her husband and 4 children. She taught on normal labor and delivery and the value of life.  It was a jam packed week of teaching and even ended with some role playing of mothers in labor and midwives assisting!! that was interesting! :)
Here are a few pics from class.. I swiped these from a few classmates.. I need to remember my camera in class more often.

Bek our fearless leader (left) assisting Beate (Midwife teacher) with the fetal rotations in birth

Bek our fearless leader!

This is a role play from our Antenatal clinic week.. we literally stuff our shirts and pretend to be pregnant women/healthcare workers.. hahaha

 Other than that.. weve been just laying low... and hanging out.. here are a few more pictures from the last week and a half...
of course there are Koalas hanging out in the trees in Australia

Josiah's art work.. I love the man on the right!!  He also wrote his name last week!!

smoothies for the sickies :)

 There is a birthday on base almost every night so there is always singing and sparklers (Aussie style.. this day was Andrea's (from my class) Birthday.  Josiah is terrified of the sparklers.. but we are working through it :) Hopefully in time for his birthday!

some of our class in the dining room.. (minus me and Josiah)
                                     a few more pics from 2 weekends ago at the nature park

This pic is for Mom (Wilkens) who was asking about big Joeys in mommas pouches :)

and of course I have a rival in my class... only Jesus can heal this!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

new post coming soon.

sorry for the lack of update this week. it was actually a really great week of teaching and over all a good week.. weve just been fighting sickness into the weekend. Thankfully we are all on the up. :) we will update soon!
The Wilkens Fam!!