Monday, June 18, 2012

run forest run

Back 9 weeks ago Bruce and I in the midst of the craziness decided that we would train for a 5k.. actually that Bruce would train me.. (since he is one of those people that genetically can run with no problems.. me on the other hand.. not so much. )

We decided to try to couch to 5k program that starts you out slow and then increases your running time in increments to make it easier. the more Im finding out about running the more I realize its a mental game and a breathing game.. once you can master both.. you can run.

you know those people whom you see running with a smile on their face and it looks as if they are almost floating with glee.. ya.. thats not me. 

We set a goal of running a 5K in downers grove for the cause of Rwandan street children. 

This last Saturday the race came and the first mile and a half was brutal.. I think I was mostly fighting off anxiety that "oh my gosh Im running a 5k" feeling. 

I missed seeing the marker for mile 2 and mile 3 and as we were passing a person who was directing people along the course I heard the words. "the finish line is about 1/2 mile up" I couldnt believe it! I got excited picked up my pace and then thought... I still have a 1/2 mile.. I need to calm down! :)

as we were about 1 block from the finish.. Bruce's parents (who were bring the kids to meet us at the finish) had taken a "wrong" turn and ended up driving up to the very block we were at at the exact moment we were passing it.  so they started honking and although they hadn't parked and made it to the finish line.. the timing was perfect!!

We finished with a time of 42:08 (which my goal was to be under 45 mins :)  )

My amazing hubby who coached me was running military style.. running ahead and then circling back to get me. so he indeed ran further than a 5k!

It was an amazing experience and although I dont particularly like running.. I think I will try and continue.. because it has to get easier right??? :)


  1. Wow, Heather!! WAY TO GO!! Congratulations! SO exciting! Love, Michele

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    1. Ah! Autocorrect! Meant to say:

      So proud of your hardwork!!