Saturday, June 16, 2012

Back in Chi-town

Well, it wasn't easy but we finally managed to pack up everything and get to Chicago. Stopped in Battle Creek to have lunch with some good friends that we haven't seen in a long time. Then we made the mistake of taking the Skyway a little too close to rush hour (3:30? really?) and spent the next 2 hours battling Chicago traffic. Still, God is good and now we're at my parent's house with our luggage and our few storage items already safe in the attic. -Bruce

Whew!! that was a long couple of months and I can hardly believe I am sitting on my in-laws porch writing this with 9 days to go before we board a plane to our next adventure!
It was sad to leave our home, our neighbors, our church and family and friends. Honestly, I spent most of my time pressing down the emotions of seeing this great house that we were blessed to live in be empty as the day we moved in and hugging those who are dear to us and those who have become dear to us.  At the same moment we are stirred with excitement of the future of the new unknown places we will visit. Its almost an addictive feeling of freshness.. We are so excited to meet my fellow students and the staff and excited to meet the community we will spend the next 3 months in.

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