Saturday, November 5, 2011


Our application are in! we have completed and sent in phase 1 of our preparations for me to attend the Birth Attendant School with Youth with a Mission Perth, AU. Now we wait to hear if I am accepted. Bruce also had to apply to be on staff with the base. Once we hear the news we then will move forward with visas.

The other night Bruce and I were discussing how last year this time we were going to meetings and preparing to go to South Africa the following April. That trip came and went really fast and we were thinking about our preparations for next June and how if April came so fast.. June is not far behind. all that to say its coming really fast!

We are really excited at this point. I know we will go through a range of emotions. but even through the nervousness we've both stated what an amazing adventure this will be for our family and even with all the things we could be nervous about.. its only 1 year.. and we can do 1 year. :)
we will keep you posted!