Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday.. in the park..

                              Bruce doing a little bench press... :) Josiah's arms crack me up!!

We had a busy day Saturday.. Abigail got invited to her first birthday party. One of the little girls she made friends with on the base had a princess tea party for her birthday..  

Princess Abigail

Prince Josiah

Abigails friend Silesa (whose party it was)

Josiah almost ate the entire bowl of doritos.. this is where he spent the majority of the party. :)

The kids enjoying a little veggie tales 

 Then we met the girls from my school for a little cookout in this park.. and there was a nature center that we went exploring in :)

If you've ever wondered how to sheer a sheep.. then this video is for you!! lol  a little Aussie culture!

newborn Joey in his mommas pouch! it was so cool to see upclose.. it was wiggling and moving everywhere.


Umm, this was an interesting photo op.. but we just had to take advantage of it. lol. It's a wombat. G'day mate!

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