Saturday, July 14, 2012

Intercession and exploring Perth

Had an amazing time of revelation last night at the Friday night meeting. Every Friday night the entire YWAM base gets together for worship and a message; basically church. Last night one of the base leaders Peter Brownhill spoke on intercession, what it actually is and what it can actually do. It's amazing that the God of the universe waits upon little dust specks (human beings)  to pray to Him and that through such a dialog the course of human history can be changed.
Also yesterday Abigail, Josiah and I went on a little exploration of Perth. Following a map we hopped a train and a bus to get to King's Park which is Perth's pride and joy. Getting off at what looked like on the map a short walk to the park, I found out that the park is located on top of a steep escarpment. So to get to the park, A, J, the double stroller and I climbed up 242 steps (known as Jacob's ladder). Abbie made it all the way and some of the exercising people helped carry Josiah part way up. Enjoy the pics!
Claisebrook Cove near the YWAM base
Perth street artist
Perth's own Glottenspiel
Kebab anyone?
Our lil' cutie
On the train
what the kids entitled the "naughty baby" sign :)
On the bus
Jacob's ladder
And the reward! Perth skyline from King's Park

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