Thursday, July 19, 2012

Human Anatomy and Character of God

Well! Ive been meaning to post about class and all the wonderful things I am learning but my schedule is JAM PACKED.. so its hard to find time to process or explain what we are learning.

the first 2 weeks we learned about the nature and character of God. kinda a review class from the first school we did.. but as we know about the nature and character of God the subject never gets old and there is always something to learn.  I really appreciate YWAM in that they have solid teaching.. and their teaching isnt just about knowledge its presented in a challenging way that brings about transformation.  The teacher for the class during the week was this hilarious guy.. he had us almost in tears at times from laughter but had the gift of making you think and examine your own life and your own views about the character of God.  He talked a lot about our behaviors being the fruit of a tree and if the fruit is bad or wrong the root of the tree or our foundational belief in who God is is wrong or tainted.. it was truly an amazing week.  We also studied the anatomy of the pelvis, the baby's skull and male and female reproduction systems.. I know! exciting stuff!! also learning to take vitals (some of us reviewing this)

This week we are continuing with the urinary tract, Maternal nutrition and how this varies based on culture and status, Anemia, Hemoglobin and urine testing, normals in pregnancy and minor complications and how to run an antenatal clinic along with setting up and practicing by taking turns role playing.. Its a lot of information and I can hardly believe we have been in class less than 3 weeks and we are already setting up a clinic and putting things into practice. This next monday we will also be practicing antenatal clincs on some of the pregnant women on base. The good thing with living in a community of about 500 people is there is sure to be a few pregnant women to practice on! :)

yesterday morning as well I had to present with another classmate a "Healthcare Gospel" presentation.  It basically means you take a very simple life saving thing and you break it down into a simple form and then share something about God through it.  so for instance we taught on washing hands and we showed the proper way to wash hands. I made up a little song to teach the proper way and then we tied it in with the scripture about how we should have clean hands and clean hearts.

Its hard to believe we are already halfway through our first month.. time is going fast and before we know it we will be leaving for outreach and the applied school.  We appreciate your prayers and can really feel them as we transition our family.

Please also pray for our pastor and friend Joe Manahan. He is battling brain cancer and we are asking God for a miracle to restore his brain and heal him. He has been a spiritual father to Bruce and I as well as many others.. pray for comfort and peace for his wife Mary and family as well.
thank you so much.

classroom and some fellow students and leaders
The kids have been blessed by some new Aunties :)

and Menno! (Josiah loves him) He is the husband of one of my staff members

Abigail enjoying some culture downtown.. the lady in the black dress behind her was cracking me up :)
Target Australia has a Yummy Stuff section.

fun stuff for the kids to do downtown.

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