Thursday, October 4, 2012

Settling in

Just a quick update.. We are so thankful for those of you that emailed us or left comments. I look forward to getting back with you this weekend. It is such an encouragement to hear from you and we really appreciate it!

Things here are settling down a bit. Well as much as they can in this culture. The huge Hindi festival that was the week we got here is a distant memory and I am thankful that the noise level and crazy level has gone done slightly.. You can still only take so much before you have to retreat from the streets and come home.

this week as well we entered the government hospital to start work. This is a whole new level of shock and one I hope to update you on this weekend when I get a little more time to gather my thoughts.

Thanks for keeping up with us! We hope to update more pictures as well as add labels to the ones we already posted.. We ran out of time last weekend.


  1. Bold faith! Awesome example... thanks for letting us be part of this with you.


    1. thanks for your support!! we miss you guys!!

  2. So in awe of you guys!! What an extraordinary faith and heart to follow God's calling in this way. WOW! And the example you are setting for the kids. AMAZING! SO proud of you! Keep on posting! We love you guys!