Sunday, October 7, 2012

Abigail is 5 and family visit

This is a late update from before we left. Our baby girl turned 5 just days before we left. She had a little movie party with friends from the base.

Then Bruce's sister Julie and her husband Paul and their three kids came for a visit from Melbourne where they currently reside! This was an amazing fun week and although I was very busy with school and outreach prep it was such an amazing gift for Abigail and Josiah to have their cousins in Perth with them!

and of course the obligatory picture with the "naughty baby" from the train
We had lots of fun at the beach, visiting museums, parks and just hanging out. We were so blessed that they were able to make it over!!!
and Of course they were here to celebrate with the 500+ people on our YWAM campus Abigails 5th birthday! She was given 2 cakes!!
The bee cake was rainbow inside!

at Abigail's Birthday table

Happy Birthday to you YWAM style

The big 5!! and rainbow cake!

cake on her face picture for her cousin Carter!
He didnt even make it through 500+ people singing happy birthday!

Such a great celebration for such and amazing little girl! WE love you so much Abigail Dee and we are so proud of who you are becoming!

look at next post for week 2 update!

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  1. We had so much fun visiting you guys!! All our love to you and we can't wait until the next time we can be together- keep posting photos-- we are so proud of you!! Love, us