Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh the places we will go....

So we found out this week where we will be headed for our outreach!! We are super excited!!

We tentatively leave Sept 22nd and head first to:
We will spend 9 weeks in one city and then head south about 12hrs to another city for 3 weeks..

next we are on to:
We are pretty excited about this one! God had been placing Tanzania on our hearts and we are really excited that we will be able to go!! We will spend 3 months on the coast.

then we will finish off with 3 months in:

We are really excited for this next phase and I am starting to get excited about applying all that I am learning!


  1. How exciting to know where you will be serving and for approx. how long at each spot! I LOVE LOVE LOVE India. Are you allowed to share what cities you may be in? I love how the Lord was laying Tanzania on your hearts and now you see why! And Zambia!!! May God continue you bless you with strength and focus as you continue your schooling. Prayers sent your way!

  2. Finally caught up on your blog.. AAHHHH! India! How exciting!
    Praying for you. Miss you too friend.