Saturday, May 12, 2012

Road Trippin'

Bruce finished his last day of work and we decided that before all the madness of packing and selling commenced that we should take a little road trip.. well big road trip.

                                               We started out driving to Niagara Falls.
                                             kids were excited about the ferris wheel :)

                                          time for a little nap.
                                         We decided to take the Maid of the Mist boat ride.

            We got pretty wet but it was definitely worth it.. besides it was raining that day anyhow..

    Next we drove to Middlebury, Vermont to visit Bruce's old roomate from NY and his family. It had been over 10 years ago since they had seen eachother and it was a nice reunion and a lot of fun.
                                                    time at the park after all the RAIN...
                                           The kids LOVED the zip-line in the back yard!!

           Then we were off to Stamford, CT for a quick lunch date with our favorite Zimby Tinashe!!    We had yummy peruvian food and it was way too short of a visit!

                                                Then it was off to BRROOOOKLYN!!
            Dinner with some of Bruce's old friends from the Cairo crew. (when he went to school there)
                               The next day we visited my Dad's sister who lives in Brooklyn.
great Aunt Dottie gave me cookies!!

Then a little fun at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. 

Then we headed to Philadelphia to stay with some good friends of ours. we are currently still there and having a great time! Here are some shots from today. Tomorrow we have some fun planned as well.
Frankie looking up from under the table.

                                                        Wrestling with Uncle Chris..

                                                            the one eyed hairless cat!
                                                             giggles with Auntie Suz

 We went to a party for someone at C&S church.. the kids had a blast running around and it was a beautiful day!!
                                                            Abigail's new friend.

We will update more after we get home :)

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