Sunday, May 27, 2012

May fun and graduation

 Bruce and I were blessed to have a day and night off. So while A and J were off having a blast with Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Connie we decided to do a few things we had been wanting to do before we left this beautiful area of Michigan.

so we started the morning off by Kayaking in Kensington Metropark
Then we went horseback riding :)

 We had a great evening out and day to play! It was some much needed fun and alone time in this chaos! :)

 We went up to celebrate Great Grandma Dee's birthday and to say the kids enjoyed the chocolate cake would be an understatement.
My nephew who is so aptly nicknamed "ChocaHoldy"
Grandpa even decided to get covered in chocolate.. that or he was too close to Holden :)

Abagoo graduated from preschool
so proud of our little girl!
She was for sure the star!!
little bro was decked out to celebrate

She is also a budding artist :)

and we've spent a little time waiting in Doctors offices getting things taken care of before our move... :)

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