Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting excited!

With this early spring and knowing that spring
means its almost time for us to go we are starting to feel a stirring of excitement!! Wow! its actually happening..
everything that we have put our plans towards over the last 8 years is coming to pass. We finished our Discipleship training school with YWAM, started a family, Bruce finished school and I added to my schooling, Bruce finished PA school and now has almost completed 2 years of working as a PA and now on to Perth!!

God has been faithfully guiding us and as I sit with the open window behind me and tangibly hear, smell and feel spring I am over whelmed with God's provision for our family over the last few months. Things that could have been challenging have gone off with nothing other than a few hiccups.
God is so good. Even in the challenges we can feel his hand guiding us and sustaining us. Selling our things has gone well and we were amazed at his provision at the Mom 2 moms sale that we had this last weekend.. getting so excited!!

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