Prayer Requests

April 27, 2013

1. For our team to finish strong in these last 4 weeks ahead. For the Lord to bind us together in love and purpose so we could minister to those in need around us.
2. For continued heath.
3. For continued opportunities to share the love of God with the very “least of these”.
4. For good relationships with the staff in the hospital as we work alongside them.
5. For hope in hopeless situations. Specifically, a little newborn girl whom her mother named “Purpose” She was born without her top skull but is in perfect health otherwise. She is fighting a losing battle in a country where high-level care is not available. Pray for a miracle for this little one. 
6. For the hearts of mothers who have lost so many children that it seems to be a normal part of life for them.
7. For our children as they face a 4th transition coming up and then further transitions as we head back to the States. Please pray that they would feel secure.
8. For the pregnancy to continue to go well and for Heather’s strength to continue in the midst of a rigorous schedule. Also pray for her to be able to complete unfinished final projects before graduation.

1.     The hospital where the team is working has, hands down, the best learning atmosphere we have come across so far. The dynamic between midwife and doctor has been pretty much ideal and the opportunities to gain knowledge and experience just keep presenting themselves.
2.     Eighty-five babies have so far been delivered by our team since coming to Zambia roughly 6 weeks ago!


  1. Hi Wilkens Family this is Mrs. Heather from the Y and we are following and praying for you and your team members. Stay healthy and follow Gods path he has for the great work you are doing. God Bless all of you!
    The Worthington Family
    Heather, Scott, Ava, and Jude

    1. Thanks Heather!! We appreciate it so much! We look forward to stopping and and seeing you when we are back for a bit! :) Hope you are all doing well! Jude must almost be 1 by now!!