Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What? Where's the post??

I realize the serious lame-ness that is our lack of posting.. to be honest when we first got here sorting out internet took about 3 weeks and then week 4 we found ourselves out in the middle of a village with little internet and this week we are collecting the goods to upload and share. I truly apologize for the lack of communication and hopefully after this week we will be back on track with weekly postings. I hope you all have not gotten too bored waiting around for us to POST!

Great things have been happening and we can't wait to share.. so just give us a little more time and we will spill it all!


ps. Continued prayers appreciated for our friend and spiritual father Joe Manahan. He has been battling brain cancer and could really use some prayers for healing. He has had a few close calls but the Lord continues to bring him back and restore his strength. We are believing God for a complete healing of his brain tissue and restoration of his body!

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