Sunday, December 23, 2012

relax, regroup, wash and class

Sorry for the late update. We arrived safely in Perth about a week ago. Despite the relaxing atmosphere we have been extremely busy. I successfully graduated a second level school with YWAM the IBAS (Intro to Birth Attendant School). However with the hands on experience we all had I would hardly consider it an introduction. More like trial by fire, ha ha.
We landed here last Saturday night, met for Sunday dinner as a team and then Monday we started lectures for the third level school, the ABAS (Applied Birth Attendant School). This school will have 2 days of lectures and 3 days of practical in the government hospital in Tanzania. Then after 10 weeks we will move to Zambia for our final applied practical in a government hospital in Lusaka, the capital.  This week we actually had lectures Mon-Sat and just now today we are getting a day off.  Its been pretty full-on.

We are staying at a home of a YWAM Perth family that is away on holidays and it has been an extreme blessing. It's quiet, calm and relaxing. In the fenced in front yard the kids have a trampoline, swing set, tire swing, playhouse and it's all shaded the entire day. They play hard all day, running in and out of the house and also enjoying the large kids movie selection that the family has. It is such a blessing to give them this freedom after the difficulty of the 3 long months in India. Our kids did amazing and its nice to reward them with this time of rest.  The other added bonus is this family has a hypo-allergenic cat (Josiah has allergies), 2 bunnies, a guinea pig and fish indoors and outdoors! Abigail is in her glory!

It was also so nice to come back to the Perth base. Such an amazing group/family of people. We were welcomed with open arms and excitement and truly feel so comfortable and at home being back here. Especially this time of year when we would really love to be with our families, it was nice to still get that "homey, we belong somewhere" feeling.  The base is going all out for Christmas and we are celebrating Christmas Day as a big family and heading to the beach Boxing Day as a big family.

Our family also got an early Christmas present this year. We discovered just before we left India that we are expecting our 3rd child!! Yep that's right! Baby #3 will hopefully be joining us around August 18th, 2013.  I know this leaves questions about what this means for us with timing and all. So far we haven't completely hashed out the details. As far as long term, nothing is really set we are still moving forward and listening for the Lord's direction. As far as the school, I will graduate June 1st, so I will have completed the school in time. We had already been discussing coming back to the states for a short stint before heading off to any long term plan in missions (still not confirmed about what that is) so now this short stint will be extended to have baby :).  Abigail and Josiah are excited and talking everyday about baby. Those of you that know Abigail know she's been praying a long time for this.

Thank you for your continued prayers that have carried us through India and now continuing on to Tanzania. We're really grateful to be able to share this journey with you all and will be updating with more news in the New Year. Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas filled with the peace of Christ.
The Wilkens Family

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