Saturday, November 3, 2012

Josiah is 3!!

Our little man turned 3 this last weekend! We did our best to celebrate him and find things to do that he would enjoy in a culture and city that is still pretty difficult to navigate. We however decided to take him to the zoo, purchase an egg-less cake (because that is how cake is here), dress him like a proper Indian Prince, do our tradition of filling the area around his bed with balloons to wake up to and the Aunties (our classmates) threw a party for him complete with games, presents and Dominos pizza! Throw in a couple of skype calls from the grandparents and I would say he had a pretty fantastic day!
We are so blessed to watch him grow and are enjoying his good nature and hilarious sense of humor!! We are very proud how he continues to adjust to the changes around him and are enjoying watching him become best friends with his sister!
Here are some pics from his special day!

we didnt have wrapping paper so we decided to wrap Josiah and have him jump out to see the presents :)


playing with the balloons in front of the fan

Prince and princess ready for the zoo!

The zoo costs roughly 40 cents for an adult and 20 cents for a child to enter!!! so amazed and how cheap things are here!

nothing like running through a sprinkler to cool off!!

We were hoping the zoo still did elephant rides but this is as close as we got!

 Birthday party with the Aunties!

our 3 yr old man!

Cheese pizza!

Red Rover.. red rover..

send Josiah right over!!

a little game of pass the parcel

gifts from the aunties

 They have this birthday tradition here called the birthday pinata. Its a clay pot filled with candy that you place on the ground and beat with a stick until it breaks. We thought it would be much more fun for a 3 year old to drop it off of a second story balcony.  I wish I could have captured the glee on his face when it smashed into pieces on the ground below!!

the loot!

this became my "only in India" moment for the week. Only in India do you ask for a soccer/futbol cake for your 3 year old boy and this be the outcome!!!! So thankful he was only 3 and very easy going! He thought it was nice!

Happy Birthday big boy! we are so excited to watch you continue to grow!!

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