Wednesday, March 30, 2011

things are about to warm up.

We leave a week from Friday.. its unreal how fast this trip has come up.. tonight I (H) have the daunting task of starting to pack our bags. I have been collecting things over the weeks so I think we have everything we need..

Packing for this trip is a little different than usual.. we are carrying lots of medication and medical supplies with us so that adds.. weight and risk of things coming up missing. we are not taking things of value.. and if so it will be carry-on with us.. but there are things that become more valuable if you dont have them.. ie. Clothing.. shoes.. towels.. :) so the trick is to pack as though you may lose a bag or two.. hopefully not.. but for a family of 4 it means mixing up the bags so everyone has a little of everything in each bag. sounds like fun right?

so far the fact that we are going to be in South Africa a week from Saturday has not hit me.. currently the thing I am most looking forward to is the April average in SA is 83 degrees.. hmmmm that just sounds too good to be true as spring is dragging its feet around here.

We have been praying for our team and the closer the trip approaches we can feel the pressure building with work, family, health issues.. but God has been good to us!

alright.. B took the kids out tonight so I could focus so I guess I better do that.. just wanted to pop in and send a little love your way! <3

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